Candle Safety!

We all LOVE candles, am I right?!?  The fragrances we love can take us right to a memory whether it was a few months ago, or years ago!  It might take you to a favorite vacation spot, remind you of a loved one, or maybe even one of your favorite desserts.  

In order to enjoy those memories, or just a fabulous scent you recently discovered, it is important you get the most of your candle and follow some important safety tips.

The number one tip I make sure to tell customers is to Trim. Your. Wick!   Yep, that's right.  EVERY time you go to light a candle, trim the wick down to approx. 1/4".  This will ensure the flame does not get to big for the container, which will burn your candle too hot, too fast and you run the risk of heating the vessel (if glass) until it breaks.  Trimming the wick keeps the flame slow and steady, as well as reduces soot.  This will allow your candle to burn down at a slower pace, but still release the fabulous scent, and it will LAST LONGER!  We now carry wick trimmers, which make it so easy to trim those wicks! wick too long  trim before lighting candle

candle wick trimmed just right

Next thing you want to watch for is burning the candle down too far.  I know we all have a mental race with the candle to see "how far down can I burn this one?"  (and our candles do burn all the way down without a ton of wax left over). However, you ideally want a small layer of wax left in the container.  If you burn the candle all the way completely down until there isn't a drop left, you run the risk of the vessel getting too hot and breaking.  If you go to light your candle, and you can see the top of the metal wick tab, it has burned down as far as will go. 

Lastly, this is a no brainer ( I hope), but it must be said.....Never leave a burning candle unattended.  


Gayle a.k.a. Honey



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