All Parts Re-Usable

the glass

Soy wax dissolves with soap and water...  

Wipe out the remaining melted wax, run through the dishwasher, and viola!

The 12 oz glass =  a tumbler.

the wrap

Hankie - Gift Packaging - Pet Bandana - Headband - Wrist Wrap - etc etc etc...

Or be fancy & bring back the use of the handkerchief ;)


Natural Soy | No Dye | No BTA

Soy wax burns clean, keeping chemicals from floating around in your air.  Also a highly renewable natural material.    

Non-Toxic Wicks

Made of cotton + paper core, no lead.


These custom scents are high grade oils and amazing on their own!  No need for health-hazardous additives.  No way.

The scents are mostly blended essential oils, because not all essential oils are safe to burn.  Just like not all plants are not safe to eat.  There a a few scent ingredients that are synthetic, but are tested for a 100% clean thermal breakdown.  If they don't measure up, I don't use them!  

Tips & Troubles

Clean Up Spills

Still melted, absorb with a paper towel.  If dried, then scrape up majority with spatula or similar.  

Then use warm soapy water.  Yep, that's it!  

Clean out of clothing like anything else oily.  Dish soap & warm water, then wash as usual.

Sooty Burning

Trim the wick a bit.

Pooling: Wick is tiny, with barely a flame in a small pool of wax.

For the love of Pete.. take it out of that drafty doorway, or from underneath the AC vent!  Or put it in a hurricane.  Too much airflow across the top doesn't let the heat do it's thing.

If that's not the case, it may be a very rare candle malfunction.  Every once in a while a scent oil doesn't burn quite hot enough at first.  Pour the pool of melted wax out and re-light.  Once is usually enough, but may have to do a couple of times and then the candle will burn normally.  If it doesn't, please contact me and I will gladly exchange for a new one!

So Should I be Trimming the Wick?

Not always!  If it's burning a little sooty, yes.  If not, carry on.  Many of my candles burn completely and cleanly with no wick maintenance.  It really depends on the scent and how hot the oils burn vs the air flow in your home.

Wax Yellowing

Natural soy wax will yellow with prolonged UV light exposure.  Many are made with a UV inhibitor, benzotriazole, that prevents this.  More commonly known as BTA, it releases toxins such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides when heated.  Ewww, I don't use it!  Embrace the yellow, keep out of direct sun if you don't plan to burn them right away (just like your olive oil), and my #1 reccomendation is to enjoy & burn those you have out on display before they yellow.  I know where you can get more ;P

Brown Discoloring in a Tin

Without a chemical additive, some oils (especially cinnamon) will react with the metal causing the wax to darken.  It has no effect on the candle's performance, it's just part of enjoying a natural product.

Buy With Pride

Supplied in the USA

There is great attention given to the ripple effect of your purchase!  You're not only supporting my small business, but those that I give business to.  

The glass, tins, oils, & wicks I use is made in the USA, and are supplied by companies in Dallas + North Carolina. 

The wax is also made from soy beans grown here in the states!

I'm currently seeking affordable USA made fabric for my gift wrap packaging, and I'll be 100% domestic!  In the mean time, I feel good about their re-usability factor.

Although I don't disagree with global sourcing when quality and availability are factors, but those are the only factors to me.  Importing for cheap is cheap! 

Consume responsibly, my friends.

Don't Play with Fire, Kids!

Burn within sight. 

Keep away from flammable objects. 

Keep away from children and pets.

Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.

Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface.